Friday, October 26, 2012

Old Center Elementary: 3rd Grade

I met Red Grooms at Texas Tech in 1973! It was my first art opening.
The 3rd grade goes to CHeekwood after break to see his work. We are doing two installations when we get back from break, whereby the children can have their photos taken with Gertrude or with Red and Elvis in a lifesize diarama in our library. The pieces up so far include: Fat Lady in a Chair (Gertrude Stein) oil pastel, lace, and glitter on  paper   6'x5'  3rd grade Mason Meets the Peanut Man 2012 (the only one I could find in the catelog of Nashville and the downtown Arcade. In the late 60's my aunt took me to the Woolworth's and I saw the Peanut Man! He was indeed handing out samples. ) Multimedia relief with pencil, oil pastels, acrylic, and peanuts  2.75' x 3' 3rd Grade Who is Red Grooms multimedia with photocopies, colored pencils, glitter, fabrics, feathers, and pistasio shells  6' x 4.5'

Nancy Hall:  Art Teacher

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