Friday, October 26, 2012

Hermitage Elementary: Finished Collaborative City

Hermitage Elementary students collaborated on a school “City” in honor of Red Grooms.  The Kindergarten practiced color mixing and paint techniques, and in doing so, provided  the sky and grass pieces.  The 1st graders constructed the city buildings by looking at architecture in the city, and gluing shapes together.  Markers were used to embellish the buildings on the last working day.  2nd graders were in charge of transportation, and as you can see, the street is filled with every type of vehicle from sports car to fire truck.  They made two identical cars by stacking 2 pieces of paper together when cutting, and paper loops were  glued between, to make the cars stand up.  Each student wrote words about the city on a slip of paper that was attached to the top of the loops.  This helped disguise the loops.  The 3rd graders got the messiest job, as they recycled water bottles by covering them in plaster to make the people.  Each statue was painted with bold, bright acrylic paint to mimic the cartoon style of Grooms.  Finally, what is a city without a park?  The 4th graders took a look at “Fox Trot Carousel” and created a carousel filled with images and memories of Hermitage Elementary School.  This was a bit of a recycled art project, as they used CDs, Straws and cups to create the carousel effect. Students who wrote detailed descriptions of their rides were awarded with a CD spindle, which allows their carousel to have a spinning effect. As a final thought, the Kindergarten students, after noticing that Red Grooms is often seen wearing bold, bright shirts created people cut outs. The people were stamped on one day.  Wallpaper, sequins, yarn and markers were used to create fashionable outfits. The city will be up and displayed through the month of October, and the students  look forward to showing off their hard work.  

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