1. Enduring Theme: Storytelling
    1. Topic: Red Grooms
    2. Grade Level: Third Grade
  2. Rationale
    Cheekwood Botanical Gardens’ current exhibit of selected works by Red Grooms is an opportunity to explore the use of storytelling in art. Red Grooms use of themes like humor, whimsy, and travel, are highly accessible to 3rd grade students. His use of drawing, watercolor, sculpture, and mixed media also provide an inspiring variety of media that can reach various students’ skill levels.
  3. Essential Questions
    1. Who is Red Grooms?
    2. How do artists teach us about other cultures?
    3. How does Red Grooms tell stories with his art?
  4. Unit Objectives
    1. Students will explore selected works by Red Grooms.
    2. Students will create a full body self portrait, mixed media still life, and narrative painting.
    3. Students will study the use of line, color, shape, unity, variety, proportion and balance in the creation of their art.
  5. GLE’s
    a. See Instructional Guide
  6. Assessment
    a.  Informal and formal assessments using multiple devices such as but not limited too:
    1. Group Participation
    2. Rubrics
    3. Artist Statements
    4. Other teacher chosen assessments
  7. Lesson 1: Who is Red Grooms?
    1. Artist: Red Grooms,  selected Ruckus Manhattan, and Mr. and Mrs. Rembrandt
    2. Materials: Pencil, paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils
    3. Procedures:
      Introduce Red Grooms. Discuss his biography, inspiration and artwork.
      Discuss the sculpto-picto-ramas of Red Grooms.
      After closely examining
      Mr. and Mrs. Rembrandt, students will create a full body self portrait with exaggerated features in the style of Red Grooms.
      Write a reflection on the affects of  exaggeration in portraiture.
  8. Lesson 2: How do artists teach us about other cultures?
    1. Artist: Red Grooms, Breton Still Life 1980
    2. Materials: pencil, paper, sharpie, watercolor, collage.
    3. Procedures:
      Create a thinking map comparing and contrasting
      Breton Still Life and Mr. and Mrs. Rembrandt.
      Students will arrange a still life at their tables using selected materials. Students will create a mixed media still life using selected materials.
  9. Lesson 3: How does Red Grooms tell stories with his art?
    1. Red Grooms, Tea and Sympathy, Shanghai
    2. Materials: Paints, brushes, paper, pencil
    3. Procedures:
      Discuss the travel of Red Grooms and his wife Lysiane Luong.
      Introduce formal art criticism to discuss, analyze, interpret, and judge Tea and Sympathy, Shanghai.
      Students will create a narrative painting that shows a recent family or school field trip.
    4. Students will write a reflection on what they learned about Red Grooms.

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