8th Grade Red Grooms

Selected Artwork Red Grooms Mr. & Mrs. Rembrandt, 1971

Objective: Students will create a caricature/diorama of a modern artist
Based on 8th Grade pacing guide – 1st quarter weeks 3-4.  

Theme:  exaggeration!

Essential Question:  In what ways have artists used everyday objects/subjects as their subject matter?

Art criticism
Found Objects
Pop Art

Time Frame: 8 days

Formal Assessments:
There will be a rubric posted throughout the lesson that the students may refer to throughout the unit.
There will be a class critique at the end of the unit.

Tennessee State Art Standards
 1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the application of current media, techniques, technologies, and processes.
1.1 Identify and recognize media and tools (i.e. name the specific tools and materials
being used).
1.1 Demonstrate proficiency in the use of media, techniques, technologies, and processes (e.g., distinguish between and correctly use tools and media).
1.1.2 Develop and demonstrate control of different types of media, techniques, and processes.
2.4 Compare and contrast organizational structures in works of art.
2.4 Identify organizational structures in a work of art (i.e., list the elements and principles used in a specific work of art)
2.4 Apply organizational structures in a work of art (e.g., create a work of art that combines one or more elements of art with one or more principles of design).
2.4.2 Analyze organizational structures in works of art.
4.3 Compare and contrast the characteristics of artwork in various eras and cultures.
4.3 Recognize similarities and differences in artwork from given eras.
4.3 Compare and contrast specific artwork from given eras.
4.3.2 Analyze the characteristics of artwork in various eras and cultures.
5.4 Understand the strategies involved in a successful critique.
5.4 Identify how description, analysis, interpretation and judgment are factors of a successful critique.
5.4 Use description, analysis, interpretation and judgment to successfully critique a work of art.
5.4.2 Analyze positive qualities of an artwork using the strategies involved in a successful critique.

Index Cards
Black Sharpies
Cardboard boxes (computer, shoe, etc.)
Fabric scraps
Acrylic Paint
Cardstock, construction paper, tag board
Glue (hot glue & tacky glue)
Found Objects

Day One
Bell Ringer: The students will write in their sketchbook a description of Mr. & Mrs. Rembrandt.

Step one: Ask students to name current artists they like and record their answers either on chart paper, dry erase board, etc. Encourage students to brainstorm a variety of artists from various disciplines.

Step Two: Call on a couple of students to read aloud their descriptions of Mr. & Mrs. Rembrandt. The teacher will then share with the students the history of the work including a brief review of Rembrandt.

Step Three:  Show the following video (if you gain permission to show You Tube videos: https://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=f&oq=red+grooms&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ADRA_enUS396&q=red+grooms&gs_upl=0l0l1l1390510lllllllllll0 (just a brief intro about Grooms)

Four: exit ticket – ask students to write you a brief note (on an index card) about what they found interesting about Grooms, what questions they still have about him or his work. Collect and review before next class period.

Homework: students will create a pencil drawing of one or two of their favorite artists (in sketchbook)

Day Two
Bell Ringer: Display Groom’s lithograph Elvis Presley and ask students to discuss the print in small groups for 1-2 minutes. Teacher will monitor group discussions and encourage participation. The teacher will wrap up the bell ringer time by asking a few groups to share their thoughts with the class.

Step One: The teacher will show a brief PowerPoint presentation on the life and work of Grooms. Students will be given a handout to fill in key words and take notes on vocabulary words (including caricature).

Step Two: The teacher will present the art production assignment to the class: students will choose a modern artist of their choice to create a caricature/diorama to represent him/her. The remainder of the class period will be spent with students brainstorming ideas in their sketchbook (notes and drawings).

Homework: create a caricature drawing of your favorite artist (in sketchbook)

Days Three – Seven
Students will be in production mode (environment, background, caricature, etc.). Teacher will monitor student progress through observations, photographs and exit tickets. Bell ringer ideas could include showing political caricatures of Presidential candidates (tie in with modern events) and compare and contrast works of Grooms to other Pop Artists. Homework: find and bring in found objects that will enhance their diorama.

Day Eight
Students will participate in a class critique

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