Wednesday, November 28, 2012

East Nashville Magnet Middle School: 8th Grade

East Nashville Magnet Middle School 8th graders studied Red Grooms and one point perspective with Ms. Bellgardt. Red Groom’s Looking up Broadway, Again! was the focus of a Paideia seminar that helped the students focus on the main ideas behind the painting.  The students used photographs of Nashville city scenes to inspire them to create uniquely Nashville cities in one point perspective.

Sylvan Park Elementary

Here are the photos of Red Grooms inspired art created by the kids at Sylvan Park Elementary School. You will see that in one of the photos, we have a personally autographed poster by Mr. Red Grooms. He kindly dedicated it "For the Sylvan Park students" and signed it, "Best Wishes, Red Grooms". The poster is his famous limited edition print of the Ruckus Taxi. From a photo taken of the poster, Sylvan Park Art teacher, Mr. Robert Green, created a 3D Lithograph construction of the actual Ruckus Taxi. As well as asking the students to create their own variation of the Ruckus Taxi with a 3D Lithograph construction.
We hope you find this Red Grooms inspired art work as inspirational as we do. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tulip Grove Elementary: 2nd - 4th Grade

When I think of Red Grooms...I think of his amazing works dealing with cities.  My 4th graders created "windows" into apartment buildings.  We created our city street in one of our main hall ways.

3rd grade looked at Dali Salad.  They created self portraits with their head being on a bed of their fav. food. This was done in tempera paint.  

2nd grade looked at Ruckus Taxi. They created mixed media taxi using collage & marker.

Ted Edinger: Art Teacher