Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meigs Academic Magnet: 6th Grade

Art Teacher: Jan Hatleberg

Meigs Academic Magnet: 5th Grade

  Art Teacher: Jan Hatleberg

Meigs Academic Magnet: 7th Grade

Art Teacher: Jan Hatleberg

Park Avenue Elementary

1st Grade

4th Grade

(grade level not provided)

Art Teacher: Katy Friends

Dodson Elementary: 2nd - 4th Grade

Art Teacher: Tina Penuel

The Artist Salad art (on the bulletin board) was created by 2nd graders.  They studied photos of artists, then created their own artist salad.

The realistic and exaggerated people were created by 3rd Graders.  They studied various portraits by Red Grooms, then chose a real person to draw using either a realistic or exaggerated style.

The diaramas were created by small groups of 4th graders.  They studied Grooms’ diaramas, then created these.  One class created rooms in our school, and the other created places in our Hermitage neighborhood.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cumberland Elementary:Mayan Self Portrait Inspired

Anthony Falgione : Art Teacher    
Inspired from his 1966 print "Mayan Self Portrait"
Materials used: Paper, posterboard, Black crayon, watercolors, scissors, straws, funtack, and modeling clay as the base for sculpture.

Hickman Elementary: 4th Grade City Collage

Art Teacher: Hilda Thomas
Collage City

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Percy Priest Elementary: 1st Grade Portraits

Tina Atkinson & Stephanie Godlove
First grade looked at Grooms' portrait of Gertrude Stein, the famous art collector. Using marker,crayon and watercolor, the students created self-portrait with patterns. Students discovered that they are art collectors too!

Percy Priest Elementary: 2nd Grade Sculpto-Pictoramas

Tina Atkinson & Stephanie Godlove

Second graders created sculpto-pictoramas inspired by Red Grooms' installation at the Hudson River Museum called "The Bookstore". After exploring the characters in the piece, students discovered that the exaggerations made them more interesting and entertaining then they would if they were more realistic. The resulting paper sculpture self-portraits would look right at home in Red Grooms' bookstore!

Percy Priest Elementary: 4th Grade Portraits 3-D Reliefs

Art Teacher: Tina Atkinson
After studying several portraits by Red Grooms, 4th grade students began to the identify layers that Grooms used to create the three dimensional effects. Focusing on Dali Salad, student discovered how the layers cast shadow that added to the value and form of the portrait. Then students applied what they had discovered about this layering process and applied it to create there amazing self-portraits. The materials were, file folders, colored pencils, Matt board, and 3-D o's.