Tuesday, September 11, 2012

East Nashville Magnet Middle School: 5th & 7th 3-D Cars

At East Nashville Magnet Middle School, 5th and 7th grade art students in Ms. Bellgardt's class created Red Grooms inspired 3d car sculptures. The students planned a theme for their car or taxi then designed and built their car sculptures using colored pencils, scissors, and glue.  Upon completion, each student reflected upon and evaluated their own car based on a set criteria.  The lesson culminated in a "car show" in which the students viewed each other’s cars and chose one car to evaluate in order to leave feedback for the student artist.


  1. Where did you get the car template?

  2. You can copy and paste this link for the template I used. I printed it out, traced the main details with a fine point sharpie, then copied the basic template onto card stock paper.